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Here’s a chance for your voice to be heard within the gaming convention community! The Penny Arcade Expo, one of the largest and most fan-friendly videogame/tabletop game events in the United States, has just released a survey asking attendees their opinions on PAX’s “no booth babe” policy, defining a booth babe as "a model... that has been hired to stand/sit in skimpy clothing to market the product. If that person knows the product inside and out then it's less of an issue. A company representative that can interact with attendees in a way that provides value as opposed to "hey stare at my body" is something that we encourage."

PAX is generally a woman-friendly gaming convention, and the organizers should be lauded for voluntarily putting limits on this sort of exploitation of women's bodies. It’s not often that any fandom convention actually asks attendees for their opinion about booth staff attire, particularly in a culture that tends to be very male-dominated. The survey asks respondents about how they feel about the current “No Booth Babe” policy, whether they should be more lenient, and what sorts of attire should be included in the policy.

Let’s boost the signal on this survey, and get the word out. Tweet about it, Facebook it, post on your blog, tell your friends, and let people know any way you can. With this survey you have the chance to have a real impact on any changes made to this policy.

[[ 2010 Pax Booth Babe survey ]]
10 November 2009 @ 02:31 pm
Deleted my post as the person I was asking on behalf of has posted here herself!

10 November 2009 @ 09:19 am
Hi all --
I'm homeschooling my 12 year old son and we've put together a very small RPG group. The youngest kid is nine and the oldest is 13 and currently there are seven of us although we might become eight here in the next week or so. We are about to finish the Swords & Wizardry quick start and then we're going to talk about creating a dungeon and give the kids the chance to lead each other in mini adventures of their own making. We've very fortunate to be mentored by Robert Saint John who has been hugely helpful to us!!

I'm looking for some other ideas about things to do with the kids, games to explore, etc. I also wanted to talk to them about women in gaming particularly women who have written games or are leaders in the gaming community.

We're going to invite some adult gamers over to meet with us and also head to the local gaming store to check out what they have but it would be a huge help to know what to look for.

I was not a gamer although I played a few times in middle school. (And I have to say? I'm kinda in over my head and so if anyone could send me some GM resources that could help me figure out how to organize things, that would be swell!) But I loved the games I DID play and the kids are LOVING this! It's so fun to see them jump up out of their seats and the outlandish (but great!) ideas they come up with!! This is their blog although they're not great about keeping up with it:

I think this will be a long-term interest for several of them and am excited about all the possibilities to explore but would really appreciate some help with direction!!

Thanks SO much!

31 July 2009 @ 09:22 am

So there's this dude in my gaming group whom I'll call "B" for purposes of this post.

B is a nice enough guy, if not the most perceptive. There doesn't seem to be any malice in him, though.

However, his attitude about women seems a little...backward (for lack of a better word) to me. In at least three instances recently, he's had his male character "protect" my female one by standing in front of her in a fight - despite my character being more capable in a fight than his is (both my gals had better combat stats than his guys, and one of those instances was in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game, where ALL the PCs could turn into big furry killing machines, so it wasn't like my gal needed protecting).

Talking to B is difficult, because he...doesn't really talk much. He also tends to not take criticism well (I can remember a game I was running number of years ago when I gave him a talking-to about similar concerns and he ended up sulking, leaving the game, and refusing to talk to me for over a month).

I suspect he thinks that "protecting" my female characters is the chivalrous thing to do. Unfortunately, I see it more as male chauvinism (and he'd likely deny that if I said it outright).

He recently left my current game (which was set in a matriarchal world, which probably had something to do with his departure, based on the evidence above), but it's likely we'll be in a game together again (we both tend to game in the same circles). Any ideas on how to deal with him if this should come up again? I'd like to keep things friendly, because, as I said, we tend to move in the same gaming circles.

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22 May 2009 @ 08:45 pm
Witch Girls Adventures needs your help.

We're taking Pre-orders for the Witch Girls Comic and RPG.
you can check them out here www.witchgirlsadventures.com

Beat up your local game/comic store about not carrying Wirch Girls
Adventures. Have them contact Alliances and Diamond about carrying it.

Thank you all for sticking with us!

We have more cool things coming.
09 May 2009 @ 11:02 am
(This will be cross posted)

Thank you all for your support in the making of "Witch Girls Adventures"
the site http://www.witchgirlsadventures.com is updated and running.

and the books at the printers

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24 April 2009 @ 07:57 am
The Witch Girls Adventures books are off to the printers

Standard Edition: http://www.channelmlive.com/misc/olgacovers.jpg
Wicked Edition: http://www.channelmlive.com/cgi-bin/i/misc/wickedcovers.jpg

(For those of you wondering the difference is cover, 10 page comic story and some inside pages)But the Wicked Edition is only available online and at cons.

and next week the first issue of the comic will join them.
The comic: http://www.channelmlive.com/misc/WGT1a.jpg

Thinking back on everything I've learned since Nemesis I have to say I feel good about this but printing is the part that makes me nervous. It's like sending your kids off to summer camp; you don't know how they'll return.

Good news thanks to the economy I was able to keep the core rule book with a cover price under 20 dollars (19.99) the comic first issue is 4.99 on the cover but your getting 48 full cover pages. I hate the 22 page limit most comics have (and your still paying over 3 bucks.)

Promoting Witch Girls started two years ago and I'll be pushing it more now. I'm sending the first module and supplement off to the proof reader by the end of the month. And I'm working on the next comic issues and the Princess Lucinda limited series....speaking of...Want to see some art?
Sure you do.

Pencils from the comic (It'll be in color so excuse the roughness)

This will be a 6 issue limited series 44 pages a book (Again my protest against 22 page comics)

The supplements should be out before August (October latest)
Module 1: The Pirates of Buccaneer Hill: Witches vs. Ghost and Zombie Pirates.
Supplement 1: Moon Shadow Circle: The guide to a magical Town. This one is going to kick butt I get to expand the WGA universe It comes with the Directors screen, Character creation software and a free copy the witch girls song (If you can’t wait you can here it and download it here. http://www.channelmlive.com/misc/WhatKindOfWitch_3-5-09.mp3

Well that's it.
Oh wait......

Nemesis Remix... is coming up for a second play testing in a few months.
"It's time to be relentless...again"

Till next time…


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09 December 2008 @ 09:12 pm
What: Witch Girls Adventures demo game introducing the Trinity Stone school of magic in Texas.
Where: Lone Star comics 6465 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75214
When: December 13th 2008, Noon-4.

Trinity stone is , the United states Witches World Council sanction school for the Mid and southwest and accepting students for its next semester!
Come join us for a game of Witch Girls adventures at Lone Star comics. Meet the games creators, create your witch and get cool Witch Girls prizes!
Space is limited so rsvp at demogirl@witchgirlsadventures.com.

and check out Witch Girls at www.witchgirlsadventures.com

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