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Women In Gaming

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This is an LJ Community for women in gaming (and sympathetic men). We welcome discussion of roleplaying games (RPGs) of all sorts -- tabletop, pen and paper, play-by-e-mail, play-by-forum, etc.

Please note that this community is geared more toward pen-and-paper (and play-by-e-mail, play-by-forum, play-by-mail, etc.) roleplaying. I have nothing against computer/console RPGs, but I think that there are enough communities and lists dedicated to them out there already.

(If you want to talk about women and computer games, try girlgamers or http://www.womengamers.com/)

Due to the limitations of the community's LJ layout, please LJ-cut images larger than 300 by 300 pixels.

Gaming has no gender.

This LJ is not affiliated with the Women In Gaming web site or web ring, though the name of the community is in homage to the Women In Gaming web site.

This community is maintained by thegamemistress.